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Ika - 185 Banat

Ang torture ay gawaing pang-tunay na astig na barako lamang !!!!

heto ang detalye :

8 Calabarzon cops sacked over hazing
By Frances Mangosing

MANILA, Philippines—Eight police officers in the Calabarzon region were relieved from their post after they allegedly subjected trainees to hazing, making them drink chili-laced water and rubbing the hot pepper on their genitals.

Philippine National Police chief Director General Raul Bacalzo ordered a “full-dress investigation” as he ordered the eight officers from the Regional Public Safety Battalion of the Police Regional Office 4A relieved and placed under restrictive custody.

PNP spokesman Chief Superintendent Agrimero Cruz Jr. “strongly” condemned the “acts of maltreatment.”

Relieved from their post since Monday were Police Officer 1 Roque Oro, PO1 Evan Mark Cuartero, PO1 Jhun Plonelo, PO1 Melvin Malihan, PO1 Rovylyn Addatu,PO1 Marfe Adler, PO1 Allan Pascua and PO1 Troy Sumayod, he said.

Two videos of the hazing incident, probably taken using mobile phones, were sent to the Commission on Human Rights before the PNP national headquarters got a copy, Cruz said.

“These actions, as I’ve said before, have no place in the PNP where respect and human rights and the rule of law is a policy, a must for everybody,” Cruz said.

Members of the regional police office said the videos were taken sometime in 2010, Cruz said although he denied the hazing occurred inside Camp Eldridge in Los BaƱos, but in a nearby subdivision.

A special investigation team was formed led by PRO4A Regional Director Chief Superintendent Gil Meneses to look into the incident, Cruz said.

A parallel administrative and criminal investigation was also launched by the Internal Affairs Service and the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, he said.

“Investigation is underway to establish an air-tight case against the suspects for violation of Republic Act 9745 or the Anti-Hazing Law and for Grave Misconduct under PNP rules,” Cruz said.

“The video clips presented before the CHR speak for themselves and clearly establish the culpability of those involved,” he said.

Trabaho ng Tunay Na Astig na Barako !!!

Ang pagiging breast massager ay trabahong pang-tunay na astig na barako lamang.

Basahin mo rito:

A Chinese Man Obtains License For Breast Massage (Video)

Xia Jun, the CEO of a housekeeping service company in Shanghai, claimed to be the first quantified breast massage therapist after three months of training from reputable provider. He is planning to promote breast-massaging service throughout China, as he thinks breast massage is a very potential market at the moment.

After Xia granted his license from the China Employment Training Technical Instruction Center at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, he is considering to expand breast-massage therapy throughout China by providing ‘scientist training’ for his male’s employees in 160 branches.

His managers had told Xia of an emerging need for breast massage on the market: New mothers have been struggling in recent years to produce enough milk for their infants.
“They don’t want to miss out on the market, but most of them are male and so are too shy to learn it, therefore Xia decided to get the training himself first.”

Why Xia only provide “breast massage training” for male employees?

From Xia’s explanation, sending his female employees for the same training would not be a wise investment, citing fears of high employee turnover after acquiring new breast-massaging techniques. He said, “if I sent female employees of the branches to be trained, each may cost me 3,000 yuan ($461.40).”

In addition, we also found a video of breast massage. The therapist is a female called Vicky, she works in Taiwan, used to be a nurse for around 10 years, and she is 30 years old. While do the massage, she needs to use a great strength to push her client’s breast, and this often caused clients get mads on her, even swear at her. But the great thing about this job is high-salary, around $1500 yuan ($231 USD) for an hour! It is almost 2-3 times more than a nursing job.

Can Xia stimulate the trend of breast massage therapy across China?

I think it will be very difficult as there is still a large number of Chinese people are very sensitive to those topic. From a breast researcher said, “there was no difference between men and women learning breast massage skills, the key problem is whether mothers are willing to accept masseurs.” Even Xia’s managers claimed new mothers are struggling in producing milk, but still lack of evidences to prove to their clients that “they should take breast massage”. Moreover, there are a lot of evidences of camouflage in China. People will start to think this is fake.

Epal. Mas Epal. (Food Trip)

Epal: Bili tayo ng tinapay.
Mas Epal: Paalam lang ako kay ermat... Ma alis ako, magtitinapayan lang kami!

Epal: Bili tayo ng fishball.
Mas Epal: Paalam lang ako kay ermat... Ma alis ako, magfifishbolan lang kami!

Epal: Bili tayo ng goto.
Mas Epal: Paalam lang ako kay ermat... Ma alis ako, mag-gogotohan lang kami!

Epal: Bili tayo ng siopao.
Mas Epal: Paalam lang ako kay ermat... Ma alis ako, magshoshopaowan lang kami!

Epal: Bili tayo ng barbecue.
Mas Epal: Paalam lang ako kay ermat... Ma alis ako, magbabarbecuehan lang kami!

Epal: Bili tayo ng manok.
Mas Epal: Paalam lang ako kay ermat... Ma alis ako, magmamanukan lang kami!

Epal: Bili tayo ng kanton.
Mas Epal: Paalam lang ako kay ermat... Ma alis ako, magkakantunan lang kami!
Nanay: Ha?! Ano kamong gagawin nyo?!!
Mas Epal: Sabi ko magkakan...
Epal: Pansitan ho! Magpapansitan kami tita!


Hindi nga?

Help Wanted

Dog style ba kamo?

Tattoo ng Tunay Na Astig na Barako !!!

Ipagmalaki ang pagiging Tunay Na Astig na Barako !!!

Status ng Di Tunay Na Astig na Barako !

Subok na maasahan

Sabonan muna

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