Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ika - 176 Banat

bubukesh ang floweret
jojosok ang reynabelz
shochurva ng chacha
pa-jembot-jembot fah

boom tiyayavush
tiyayabush chenes (2x)

pen pen de chorvaloo
de kemerloo de eklavoo
hao hao de chenelyn
de big yuten

sfriti dapat iipit
goldness, filak
sa tabi ng chenes

shoyang fula
talong na fula
shoyang fute
talong na mafute

chuk chak chenes
namo uz ek

Ron Artest: Di Tunay na Astig na Barako !!!

Ang sinumang papansin at gustong maging "Metta World Peace" ang pangalan ay di tunay na astig na barako.
Galing dito ang balita at litrato:

Ron Artest is petitioning to change his name to ‘Metta World Peace’
By Kelly Dwyer

It's not the coolest name change in sports history, World B. Free has him beat there, and it's not exactly a novel idea when Chad Ochocinco beats you to the punch a few years before, but Ron Artest's(notes) pending name change to -- get ready -- "Metta World Peace" is a real thing. An all-too real thing.

Apparently, Lakers radio reporter John Ireland broke the news on his show earlier Thursday, and TMZ picked it up from there. AP confirmed the madness is true. Metta World Peace, with "Metta" apparently a word derived from the Buddhist religion and the Sanskrit language meaning "friendliness," "benevolence" and all manner of other heartwarming descriptions.

It's the latest move from the kindler, gentler Ron -- er, Metta World Peace. In the 6 1/2 years since he charged into the stands in Detroit to confront someone who had thrown a drink at him, Peace has rebuilt his image through his play with three other teams, won a championship in Los Angeles, auctioned off his championship ring to raise money for mental health research and care, all while staying incident free. He tended to clang quite a few jumpers as the Lakers disappointed and fell in the second round of the playoffs last month, but how can you get angry at a guy with "Peace" on the back of his jersey?

The change is up to you, Los Angeles Superior Court. Give Peace a chance.

(Sorry, you know I had to.)

Nigerian Football Federation: Di Tunay na Astig na Barako

Ang sinumang ayaw sa lesbian ay hindi tunay na astig na barako

Pumunta dito kung gusto mong makialam:

Nigeria's national women's soccer coach, Eucharia Uche, led a witch-hunt to kick women off the team who were suspected of "lesbianism." (NYT)

FIFA: Call Out this Foul Play

Even before the Women's World Cup kicks off this Sunday, June 26, the rules have already been broken.

For the past two years the Nigerian Football Federation has conducted a witch-hunt to kick women off the national team who were suspected of being gay. And the team's coach just bragged to the New York Times that she has dealt with “the big problem” of lesbianism.

FIFA, soccer’s world governing body, has a powerful record of fighting discrimination. Now as Nigeria takes the field in the Women's World Cup opening game, FIFA needs to give coach Uche the red card: publicly condemn systematic discrimination and take the necessary steps to end homophobia in the league.

New York, rainbow jungle where gay couple dreams are made of

Kung mahina ang pick up mo, ang ibig sabihin nyan 'e magiging ligal na ang same sex marriage sa New York. Malaki at maliit na hakbang yan para sa gender equality. Malaking hakbang para sa gay community sa mga liberated na bansa, dahil isa ang New York sa nagiging "social trend" leaders sa buong mundo.

Maliit na hakbang lang yan para sa gay comuntiy sa mga bansang moralista, pero basta hakbang paabante, maliit man o malaki, mas ok na yan kesa wala. Para sa mga bading at tomboy dito sa Pilipinas, ituloy nyo lang ang apila para sa pagkakaron ng same sex marriage, maging inspirasyon nyo ang nagawa ng mga taga New York. Para sa mga fans ni Justin Bieber, congratulations. Malaking panalo din para sa idol nyo ang nangyare sa New York.

Addendum sa Manifesto ng Tunay Na Astig na Barako

1. Ang tunay na astig na barako ay hindi gagastos ng $100,000 para sa razor na ito.
2. Ang tunay na astig na barako ay hindi naga-ahit, maliban na lang kung ang gagamitin niya ay bubog, oso, lagari, o kaya sanggol.

Would you pay $100,000 for a razor?

A personal hygiene tool made from meteorite bits carries a big price tag
$100,000 can buy many things: a brand new sports car, a boat, or a ridiculously luxurious vacation, just to name a few. But if you already have a new Audi in your driveway, a yacht at the marina, and just got back from a trip around the world, perhaps you'd rather drop your cold hard cash on a limited edition iridium razor. The pricey item is crafted by Zafirro, a company which seems to have just one product in its lineup, and just 99 of the "Zafirro Iridium" razors will be made.

The handle of the razor is made entirely of iridium, an extremely scarce and expensive metal that is so dense it could survive a drop into molten lava. Most iridium that appears on Earth is the result of crashed meteorites. The blades of the beast are made from artificially grown sapphire, making them hypoallergenic, not to mention many orders of magnitude sharper than your average Bic. The company boasts a 10-year blade life, and backs it up with free sharpening for a decade if the razor ever dulls.

The Zafirro Iridium, while promising "generations" of enjoyable use, is clearly made for the millionaire who already has everything. The company says the upgrade from a traditional razor to the $100,000 model is like changing from a CB radio to an iPhone, but unless your morning shave takes place at the mouth of a volcano, we're not sure it's worth it.

Laro ng mga batang Tunay na Astig na Barako: Tex

Inumin ng Tunay Na Astig na Barako !!!

May ibubulong ako sayo. Wag ka maingay ah...

Computer shop rules and regulations

Hindi pala lahat ng bawal, masarap

Nagtayo ng club ang mga tanga...

Tunay Na Astig na Barako Kodak Moment !!!

Pinoy Nga !@#$%%^&

Pimp my ride !@#$%^&*

Tangina this ! @#$%^&*

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