Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ika - 149 Banat

Gawain ng Tunay na Astig na Barako !!!

Ang pag-aalala sa kalagayan ni Maria Ozawa sa gitna ng trahedya ay isang gawaing pang-tunay na astig na barako lamang. Nandito ang balita .............

"Maria Ozawa, are you okay?"
Cinema Online – Fri, Mar 11, 2011 5:22 AM PHT

11 Mar – In an immediate response from the massive earthquake and tsunami that has hit Japan in the past few hours, a strange development in the Twitterverse is a high number of Indonesian well-wishers posting their concerns for Japanese pornstar Maria Ozawa.

A simple search on the popular social media revealed that the most recent tweets bearing her name are all in the Indonesian language, ranging from "I hope you are okay" to "Please protect Maria Ozawa" and "Save Maria Ozawa", with some mention of other famous AV models as well from the island nation.

Of French-Canadian and Japanese ancestry, the 25-year-old beauty, often called 'the perfect woman in porn' due to her uncommon exotic looks, has gained notoriety in Indonesia after Maxima Pictures signed her in an Indonesian comedy called "Menculik Miyabi" in 2009, which incensed the authorities in the Islamic republic who vowed to bar her from entering the country.

She reportedly had to complete the movie in Tokyo and had the plot of the movie changed.

Her most recent film, "Hantu Tanah Kusir" was secretly shot in Jakarta and Bali and was released 25 November 2010. It is still playing in a few screens at the time of writing.

With the release of a provocative trailer and a behind-the-scenes video featuring her in black underwear, "Hantu Tanah Kusir" has also secured release in Malaysia, although only at one screen – Kota Kinabalu's Growball Cinemax in Sabah, East Malaysia.

A Singaporean release is not known at the time of publishing.

Mainit na ulo, nagsimula ng apoy

Sinampahan daw ng kasong arson si Ethel Booba dahil pinaliyab nya yung mga appliances sa loob ng condominium nya. Sabi daw ni Ethel, nagalit sya nung nalaman nya na ang Norwegian boyfriend nya na si Mario Murize ay bading.

Hindi dapat nagalit si Ethel Booba.

Hindi naman nya masisisi kung nagkagusto sakanya yung boyfriend nyang bading.

Pogi sya 'e.


Eto ang real life Peter Pan. Taong hindi tumatanda ang itsura.

Ano nga naman ngayon kung ikaw ang pinaka maliit. Basta ikaw ang PINAKA sa isang bagay.

Pag patak ng 18 years old ni Junrey Balawing kokoronahan na sya ng Guinness World Records
bilang Smallest Man In The World. IN THE WORLD. Gago buong mundo yon.
Hindi lang sa buong Pilipinas, hindi lang sa buong Asia, hindi lang sa buong classroom,
kundi sa buong mundo na may 7 billion na tao.

Eto ang buong kwento.

Advance Happy18th Birthday Junrey.

22 inches tall Philippines teen to be crowned world's shortest man
By ANI | ANI – Thu, Mar 10, 2011 1:25 PM PHT

London, March 10 (ANI): A 17-year-old teenager in Philippines, who might only be slightly taller than a glass bottle, is all set to break big world records.

Junrey Balawing will soon be crowned the world's smallest man, standing at a mere 22 inches.

The minuscule man from Zamboanga del Norte is just the same size as a one-year-old.

And when he celebrates his 18th birthday in June he is expected to shave five inches of the current Guinness World Record.

He struggles to walk and can't stand for long, but he looks forward to wearing the crown with pride.

'If I were the smallest man in the world, it would be very cool," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying

His mother, Concepcion, 35, says she noticed something was wrong as Junrey approached the age of two but no doctor was able to help.

"He was always sick and we noticed he wasn't growing so we took him to see a doctor but they were baffled," she said.

When Junrey was 12 the family took him back to the doctor but their only advice was to take more vitamins, which the family couldn't afford.

"I would love to be able to work while my other children are at school but I can't leave Junrey. He needs my care every minute of every day.

"Junrey can only walk with some help and he can't stand for too long because he's in too much pain. But he loves it when I tell him he's the smallest man in the world, he just smiles with pride," she added.

Based on the Guinness Book of Records, the current smallest man in the world is 24-year-old Niqo Hernandez of Colombia, standing at 27 inches. (ANI)

On a flight to Cebu, Juan sat beside a sexy lady reading a book on Sexual Statistics:

JUAN: That's an interesting book.
SEXY: Yes! It says that among Ethnic Groups.......Muslims have the biggest Penis Size & BatangueƱos the longest. By the way I'm Jill.
Juan: Hi! I'm Rahim Akmed from Lipa..

TONYO: miss, isa ngang siopao, yung babae ha!
WAITRESS: Babaeng siopao??
TONYO: Oo,yung papel na sapin, kumbaga napkin!!
WAITRESS: ah, ganun ba! lalaking siopao po lang ang nandito.
TONYO: lalake? Paano mo nalaman?
WAITRESS: kasi may itlog sa loob eh!

Chopy: pare alam mo ba sa ibang bansa eh may naimbentong liquid na kapag ipinatak mo sa metal eh pwede mo na yun kainin.
Porky: ows? Ipapatak lang pwede na kainin? Wala yan sa 'Pinas. Metal mismo kinakain.
Chopy: metal mismo? Imposible. Sige..Ano yan?
Porky: posible pare. METALbos ng kamote, METALbos ng kangkong, METALbos ng ampalaya, METALbos ng sili.
Chopy: ganyan gusto mo labanan ha.

Ganito bumili ng ice water ang Sosyal

Ale pabili po ng mineral water yung naka sachet

Hole in the wall

The numbers you had dialed are NOT numbers

Paki- basa

Mga mata ni Manoy

Relo ng Tunay na Astig na Barako !!!!

Ganito maghapi-hapi ang mga Tunay na Astig na Barako !!!!

Pagkain ng mga Di Tunay na Astig na Barako !!!!

Tang Ina this !@#$%^&*

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